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Every child is unique and will shine the brightest in life through his/her innate, unique talents!

So don’t be over-anxious about your performance in the board examinations or any other exams in general. Remember that some of the most extraordinary successes in world history, and even today, were not the greatest in school and academics. Discovering your unique talents, mapping these to exciting current and future career options, and, then channeling your energies towards education in this direction is bound to have the greatest impact towards your life success.

  • You learn faster when it is interesting for you. If you are an expert in your field nobody can stop you from achieving success. You don’t have to chase wealth but rather it will chase you automatically. Remember successful people love what they do.
  • When you make the correct choice, learning becomes stress-free and on the contrary you enjoy your education. On the other hand if you make a wrong selection, life will be miserable.
  • MySmartMove program helps students to explore the most suitable field of education from hundreds of options available today.
  • Interestingly you don’t have to prepare anything for completing MySmartMove program. It is informative and full of fun! You are bound to enjoy it. It takes hardly 4 hours and that too you can complete in multiple sessions during your leisure time at home.


Smart parents wisely plan in advance based on their child’s natural talents...and not impose their wishes on them.

The myriad high-paying career options with global opportunities available to today’s children make it necessary for parents to think wisely with an open mind acknowledging that their child is a distinct individual with unique natural talents of his/her own. Imposing parents’ wishes or the outdated templates to be a doctor or engineer or CA or lawyer is irrelevant today and bound to back-fire in the long run if not aligned with your child’s natural talents. Don’t wait till your child realizes that he/she has taken a wrong decision. Today career planning has to commence early while your child is still in high school to accordingly prepare for the best-suited career ahead.

  • Unless you identify the field of education in which your child has the highest interest, you cannot be planning your child’s career. It’s high time if your child is already in Std. X.
  • Even though your child maybe a high performer, it is necessary to confirm that he/she really likes science in order to pursue career options related to it. Even if he/she likes science, identifying the right career option is extremely important. Remember there is a big difference between just being an engineer and being a successful engineer!
  • MySmartMove program has a unique feature which helps students to find out the most interesting field of education on their own. Latest technology and expertise of over 100 professionals from various fields makes this possible.
  • Don’t expect every child in std. IX or X to have the required maturity to think seriously about their career and take the right decisions. At this stage this entire responsibility lies squarely on the parents’ shoulders and they have to take the initiative without losing time. If you miss now, you may miss it forever. Education of your child will be fruitful, stress free and enjoyable if planned properly in advance. Make your smart move today!


We support institutions to maximize the right career alignment of their students

Institutions can benefit from significant discounts that we offer to their students under our group enrollment program. Free enrollment to MySmartMove programme is given to economically backward students on recommendation from the institution management.

  • Schools can play a major role in educating parents and students about the importance of proper career planning. It’s important to remember that in a child’s career nobody will care about his/her performance in the Board examinations and the only thing that will matter will be whether the right career choice was made while in school and if his/her higher education was channelled accordingly.
  • Most students are directionless when they complete high school and unfortunately end up taking wrong decision, which they realize only when it is too late. Besides parents, it is incumbent on the school to ensure that the right career guidance is provided to a child aligned to his/her innate and unique talents.
  • A school’s long term success is defined primarily by the career success of its past students. In terms of real importance this far outweighs the preoccupation generally attached to a school’s performance in Board examinations.
  • At the national level today, India’s much acclaimed demographic dividend stands at the crossroads where widespread effective career guidance at school level will determine whether its huge young talent will claim the greatness that it is so very capable of or whether it will become a societal liability with these young directionless adults disgruntled with their bad career choice or no careers at all for livelihood.
  • MySmartMove is the only program which gives exposure to different career options to help students choose the most interesting one. It helps them to select the most appropriate path based on the learning interest and other parameters.
  • We at Leiansis offer free MySmartMove enrollment to economically backward students on recommendation from the institutes. Three students per year per institution can avail this facility. More students can be considered under special situations.
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