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What is MySmartMove?

MySmartMove is a unique and easy to use programme developed for students to help them make the right career choice by providing them with an invaluable foundation towards a fulfilling profession. Through a series of professional techniques and analysis this step-by-step approach identifies the student’s innate interests, abilities and talents and helps them turn it into a career. A combination of innovative technology along with professional expertise makes this programme highly effective.

Why MySmartMove?

Higher education like never before has been flooded with unlimited career options. However, the sad reality is that students are seen chasing either their peers or their parent's dreams and such decisions are regretted much later on in life. Parents often desire the best for their children, however, when parents help children in making career choices they stress on just one aspect of it - a high paying profession and the high standard of living that comes with it.

What they miss out is the child’s happiness. Doing something that one does not enjoy will ultimately lead to poor performance, lack of job satisfaction, increased anxiety and stress levels, poor health and being unhappy in a particular profession. Another section of students perform at an average level in high school and are not motivated enough to reach their full potential leaving them with a low self esteem barely chasing any dreams at all in their subsequent ordinary lives.

Identifying the natural talents and innate interests of the student is the first and foremost step in career planning. But this a very difficult task because students need to start career planning at a young age when they do not have the required exposure to make the right choice. MySmartMove programme has been designed keeping in mind this most important and crucial aspect. The programme provides an opportunity for students to compare different fields of education and finally identify the most suitable career options that match with their natural interests and abilities.

Innovation, Technology and Expertise

Leiansis is proud to be the pioneer of MySmartMove concept which uses an innovative process and the latest technology to bring together and utilize the expertise of experienced people from different occupations spread across the globe. Over 100 professionals from different fields are already engaged with us at Leiansis and contribute in making MySmartMove programme increasingly more informative, interesting, interactive and effective for the students.

MySmartMove programme uses simple tests and assignments adapting to the iterative discovery of a student’s abilities, interests and talents thereby delivering a highly personalized experience to every individual child. The MySmartMove tests and assignments give the student a gist of the type of education and skills needed for a particular career stream.

Our innovative software carefully monitors and accurately gauges the student’s abilities and interests at every step of the process which helps in building a specific road map for the student. Simultaneously, a group of experts in related fields evaluate the information obtained thus making the programme distinctly student-centric.

Special Features

  • Student-friendly: Although it takes approximately 4 hours to complete the programme, the student can do it in two or more sessions in his/her free-time without disturbing other activities. And the best part is that it requires no advance preparations by the student. So relax and have fun while discovering the best career options for yourself!
  • Interesting and informative: Since the programme adapts to the interests of each student, they enjoy it while gaining a lot of useful information.
  • Poor internet connectivity, no issue: In case your internet connectivity is bad MySmartMove automatically saves your progress so you can continue whenever you reconnect. None of your previous work is lost.
  • Interesting graphical reports: Useful reports are displayed on the screen at every stage, which keep the student engaged while progressing towards programme completion.
  • Even smartphone will do: Student need not necessarily use a desktop or laptop to access the programme but can even do it using a smartphone.
  • Insightful Report: A short and simple yet insightful report is presented at the end of the programme which can be downloaded for future reference.
  • Career Planner Meet-up: A detailed discussion with one of our experts related to the student’s identified career options is arranged for free for the student along with his/her parents to ensure that the student has the required clarity about his/her career goal.

Who should enroll for MySmartMove?

  • Ideally students studying in std. IX should enroll for this programme so that they have a clear career objective in their minds when they get to std. X.
  • However it is not too late for students already studying in std. X to do MySmartMove programme so that they accordingly prepare for their Board examinations with greater emphasis on subjects crucial towards their now consciously chosen career stream.
  • Those who have already answered their Board examinations and are waiting for the results can benefit from MySmartMove programme by being doubly sure about (or atleast course-correcting before it’s too late) their chosen career stream and the related higher education choices to be immediately made.

Do not wait, till its late! Make your smart move today and save yourself the long-term heartaches, frustrations and exorbitant costs of incorrect career choices.

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