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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the main objective of MySmartMove?

    Every student irrespective of his/ her academic performance has a potential to become successful in life. Choosing right field of education is very important for a student. Interest in the chosen field, relating knowledge to its application and having a goal are the key factors, which can convert a student in to a successful personality. MySmartmove is focusing on all these important aspects.

  • Is it different from career counseling done using psychometric tests?

    Psychometric tests are standardized for a particular age group. Secondly ability of a student in a particular area of education cannot be judged using standardized tests. MySmartmove programme is designed to assess the ability of the student in the areas explored by them. Students get the exposure of different fields of education to which they never had exposure earlier. This helps students to identify their hidden talents as well as interests.

  • Who can benefit from MySmartMove?

    It is necessary to decide the field of education before the student completes secondary education and take admission in higher secondary school. MySmartmove - Explore is designed exclusively for Std. 10 students, to help them decide the career goal at the right stage. However it will be a wise decision if a student in Std IX completes this programme and enters the Std X classroom with a focus on the career goal.

  • Is it necessary to have high IQ to become successful?

    Ability of an individual is at the highest level when he/she learns something of highest interest. A student, struggling to remember few terms from Science sometimes can remembers names of all the players participating in an international tournament. Identifying the most suitable field of education is one of the most important factor which influences success of an individual to great extent.

  • Can students who do not perform well in exams also are benefited from MySmartMove?

    Yes. Score in school exams does not reflect the ability of a student to achieve success. With right choice of field at appropriate time, such students can outperform the rankers. MySmartmove helps students to explore the most suitable field of education as per their interests to make them successful.

  • Who are the people behind MySmartMove?

    We have developed an online platform for experts from different fields, who can upload very interesting and informative contents related to their area of education. Already there are more than 150 such experts who provide useful contents, which are used in MySmartmove programme. The programme is designed after consulting experts from Education, Psychology and IT.

  • Are student who have no exposure of various options available after 10th std. are benefitted from MySmartMove?

    There are 100s of career options and it is practically impossible for a student in 10th std to have sufficient exposure of all of them to choose the stream for higher secondary education or to take admission for a diploma or certificate course.MySmartmove has identified this critical problem and used the latest technology and expertise of people from all the fields and designed the programme after consulting expert psychologists and educationists. MySmartmove provides the required exposure and helps students identify theer level of interest in different fields before taking the decision.

  • Do I need any preparation for MySmartmove programme?

    Students need not prepare any way for MySmartmove programme. The programme is designed to be stress free with an intention to make learning joyful.

  • How much time a student has to spend on MySmartMove?

    MySmartmove – Explore and MySmartmove -Destination are divided in two sections. First one is basic assessment and second one is personalized exploration. It takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete the programme. The best part is you can take breaks any time and continue as per your convenience.

  • What is the importance of identifying interest in choosing the field of education?

    There are many highly qualified people who are unable to get employed. The main reason is they have qualifications and not the true education. If one studies only to score marks in exams, cannot meet expectations of employers and can remain unemployed. On the other hand student choosing the field of education out of high interest will be confident to face interviews. Similarly students with enterprising interests will be very comfortable in starting own enterprise.

  • Do I have to wait for the report of MySmartmove programme?

    A detailed report is generated immediately on completion of the programme. Student can also mail us for any clarification.

  • The internet connectivity is not reliable in our area. What should I do?

    Absolutely no issue. While designing the programme, we have considered this problem faced by people in different areas. For any reason if you have to discontinue the programme in between, there is no problem at all. All your work is saved automatically. You can log in anytime to continue from where the programme was disconnected.

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