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Explore your Career

Personalised programme

MySmartMove adapts to the innate interests of each student. Unlike most aptitude tests, it is a dynamic tool which explores different options based on the student’s inputs ensuring a highly personalised evaluation.

Explore your Career

Highly Informative

Insightful knowledge and experiences of 100+ professionals are innovatively synthesized into our programme. Students and parents will find themselves fully empowered to make the right career choice decisions.

Explore your Career

Instant Report

A concise downloadable report is generated instantly on completion of the programme by student. It is easy to understand for student and parents, and highlights the student’s natural strengths and areas of improvement.

Explore your Career

Career Planner Meet-up

A detailed discussion with our expert Career Planner for student along with parents is part of our programme at no extra charges. It is very useful for setting your career goal and getting any queries resolved.


No preparations, just fun!

Student need not prepare for MySmartMove given its innovative design which adapts to the student’s interests and abilities thus providing an enjoyable learning experience about different careers.

Utilize free time at home

MySmartMove programme takes max. 4 hours to complete and need not be done in 1 shot. Just keep doing it comfortably whenever you get some free time on a computer or smartphone.

Poor connectivity? Chill out!

No worries if your internet connectivity is bad since MySmartMove saves your progress automatically and you can continue whenever you reconnect. No loss of your precious time.


Few glimpses of the detailed and insightful report you will get on completing the MySmartMove programme


Students from across the country including some highly reputed schools and even from rural areas have benefitted from MySmartMove programme and have acknowledged it's positive impact!


Hear it from the many students, parents and others who have witnessed the benefits of MySmartMove!

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